Carissa Taylor’s Transformation

From Overwhelmed Entrepreneur to Thriving Business Owner

Carissa Taylor became the owner of Action Podiatry exactly two months before her eldest son was born.

“All of my friends and family were asking, ‘How’s everything going? And how’s the baby, are you tired?’ I was like, ‘Oh, the baby’s fine. It’s the business keeping me up at night.”

Carissa had been working as a podiatrist for 10 years at this point, but she had never owned a business.

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“I was staying up so late trying to fumble my way through it, with no business skills whatsoever,” she explains. “I felt like I was getting nowhere. I couldn’t get ahead. And I was just wasting time, when I should be spending that time with my family.”

Carissa knew the basics of bookkeeping, but it just wasn’t something that came naturally to her.

“I just wasn’t operating in a proactive way,” she admits. “It was very reactive.”

After stumbling across Sense Bookkeeping on social media, Carissa reached out to Amanda to book in a one-on-one business health check over Zoom.

It was during this session that Carissa revealed just how time consuming the bookkeeping had become. 

“She told me she was doing her payroll at 2am,” Amanda says. “So I suggested that maybe she should have a bookkeeper.”

Carissa was nervous about spending money on outsourcing, but it was draining her time.

“I was paying a business coach,” Carissa explains, “but I was so flat strapped with bookkeeping that I didn’t even have the time to implement any of the really great suggestions that the coach was telling me that I should do. So I was just wasting my money.”

Carissa eventually accepted that she needed the help, but the thought of handing over the books was overwhelming.

“Even the thought of having to pass it off was stressful,” she says. “It just felt like another thing that I had to implement to make the change.”

Amanda was able to reassure Carissa.

“She was so easy to talk to,” Carissa says. “She didn’t seem phased by the things that were causing me stress, so I realised she could handle what I was sending her way.”

In the end, the handover process was much easier and smoother than Carissa had anticipated.

Amanda has been Carissa’s bookkeeper for the past 18 months and counting.

“Passing over the bookkeeping to Amanda has given me a lot more time to focus on bringing in new clients or nurturing client relationships to improve the revenue that way,” Carissa explains. “So it had initially stressed me out thinking it was going to cost me money, but it’s actually allowed me to make much more money.”

The other thing Amanda has done? Gift Carissa with some sleep.

“I’m not staying up really late, doing those all-nighters to try and get my book work up-to-date, because Amanda’s taking care of all of that. I still am working a lot as a business owner, but I can get more quality time with my kids.”

Interested in what it might look like to outsource your own bookkeeping? Get in touch!


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